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Andiamo Cleveland Basketball Tee

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Now you can cheer on the Cavs Italian style with this locally printed tee. "Andiamo" is Italian for "let's go".

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Midnight Navy

Most of Cleveland's Italian immigrants came after the turn of the century when the city was expanding its streets and city services. Many worked on the Cleveland bridges and streetcar tracks, while also providing cheap labor for factories and railroads. Skilled in embroidery and needlework, many Italian women and men worked in the clothing and garment industries. By the late 1920s, Cleveland's Italian-born, exceeding 32,000 people, established 6 Italian neighborhoods. 
BIG ITALY, the oldest colony [located along Woodland and Orange avenues from E. 9th to E. 40th], became the center of the city's fruit industry because many of the immigrants came from Sicily. In LITTLE ITALY [centered at Mayfield and Murray Hill roads], the chief occupations included tailoring, monument work, and gardening. COLLINWOOD [located 7 mi. northeast of Public Square] included over 120 mi. of track and repair shops, providing the basis for the area's early growth. Later, Collinwood was also the site of lakefront vineyards, whose grapes were used in wine production.
In each community, the Italians transplanted their native institutions, including parishes, hometown societies, mutual-aid organizations, and a variety of family-owned businesses. They also brought many traditions, values, patron saints, and dialects from their different Italian villages to Cleveland. 
 Encyclopedia of Cleveland History